“memory is a field where past, present and future coexist in the same moment. In essence, the recalling of a memory is an action proceeding into the future rather than into the past. The moment we recall a past experience or event, memory comes into operation and takes us from the present moment into the future.” 

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Portrait of Pantelis Makkas by

Nikos Kessanlis, 1998

Pantelis Makkas (Greece, b. 1976) studied photography and fine arts in Athens, Prague, and at Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. He was a resident at De Ateliers in Amsterdam where he was granted a two year scholarship. From 2009 to 2015 he collaborated with the university of Leiden and the PhDArts for his Artistic Research project "The Re-membering Body". His work deals with video/film installations, performance, theatre and research. His work has been shown in museums, art places, theatres, and academic symposiums such as Stedelijk Museum, De Appel, Athens Festival, Megaron Concert Hall, Alex Mylona - Macedonian museum of contemporary art, Benaki Museum, The Greek Biennale, Atopos, Athens Festival, etc. He also performed in many countries outside of Greece such as Germany, Israel, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Malta, Croatia etc. His last work "Antistoli" was presented in the Athens and Epidaurus Festival 2018.


2009-2015 Academy of Creative and Performing Arts, Artistic Research 2005-2007 Ateliers, resident program, Amsterdam MA Fine art
2001-2004 Rietvelt academy, fine art, Amsterdam BA Fine art
2000-2001 F.A.M.U., film masters studies, Prague MA course Photography 1997-2000 E.S.P., BA photography, Athens BA photography

Shows visual art (selected)


2020 “Sylvia”, AVDP, Greece

2018 “Antistoli”, 12th São Carlos Videodance Festival, Brazil
2018 “Antistoli”, Athens and Epidaurus Festival, Greece
2017 “Black Leg”, AVDP, Greece
2017 “The Smell Of Happiness”, Benaki Museum, Greece
2016 “Genie”, AVDP, Greece
2013 “The Pseudological Diary”, Benaki Museum, NeosKosmosTheatre, Greece
2012 “The End of Oblivion”, Macedonian Museum Athens, Greece
2012 ‘M.N.A.’ open gallery, Athens, Greece
2011 ‘Save the last dance’ Dead Darlings, Ghent, Belgium
2011 ‘Constructing memory through the moving image” Museum Alex Mylona, Athens, Greece
2011 ‘Mono Logue’ New Questions festival, The Hague
2011 ‘Blank Slate’, De Appel Amsterdam
2011 ‘The Room’, Athens festival, Kunsthalle,”Farewell”
2010 “FaDe”, OZON, Michael Kakogiannis Foundation
2010 “Mono Logue”, “Blank Slate”, Brainscapes, Key Of Life, Leiden, Netherlands
2010 “FaDe”, Stoa, Athens Greece
2010 “Blank Slate, Twenty-four, Twenty-five”, Symposium ‘The artist as researcher’, The Hague
2010 “Decalogue”, Dead Darlings Rotterdam
2009 “14.jpg”, Dead Darlings IV, Amsterdam
2009 "+ TWO", Dead Darlings III, Mediamatic Bank, Amsterdam
2008 "In Between" Beijing Today Art Museum
2008 "In Between" De Buren, Brussels
2008 "In Between" Luigi Pecci Center, Prato, Italy
2008 "Twenty-six" , "...of City and Time"
Moving Image in Contemporary Greek Art, Akademski Filmski Centar, Belgrade
2008 "Connecting Cultures"-Greek artistic presence in the
Netherlands, WTC Art Gallery, Rotterdam
2007 “Mistermotley”, LOWLANDS, Netherlands
2007 “Daywatch/Nightwatch”, SMBA, Amsterdam
2007 “Memoria” Ateliers, Amsterdam
2006 “Man about crowd”, Postivism-SMBA, club 11, Amsterdam 2005 “Structure of matter” Videoformes, France
2004 “In between” PSWAR, film academy, Amsterdam
2003 “Non-stop” Oneminuteaward, Paradiso, Amsterdam

Theatre collaboration (selected)

2020, Europeras 1 & 2, National Greek Opera

2019, The Chessboard Runaways, Nostos Festival

2019, Misanthrope by Moliere, National Theatre of Greece
2019, Old times by Harold Pinter, Art Theatre Greece
2018, Cave by ODC Ensemble, Greece, Denmark, Netherlands (on tour)
2018, Kazin Baroque by ODC Ensemble, Malta
2017, ReVolt Athens by ODC Ensemble, Greece, Israel, Croatia, Spain, Germany,etc (on tour)

2017, Louisette: The Backstage of Revolution by ODC Ensemble, Greece
2016, Kafkas Monkey by Kafka, Greece
2016, Karman, Greece
2016, The life of Galileo by Bertolt Brecht, National Theatre of Greece
2015, Constellations by Nick Payne, Greece
2014, Pests, Greece
2013, My Romantic History by Daniel C. Jackson, Greece

Scholarships & Prizes

2005-2007 Two years scholarship from the art resident De Ateliers

2003 One minute video award, "moving photography”