Video Art & Projection Design

Pantelis Makkas is a video artist based in Athens, Greece. His pri­mary focus is on com­bining media, including  per­for­mance, elec­tronics, the­ater, moving image, visual art, and lighting design. His pro­jec­tion design and video art has been pre­sented in art spaces, theatres and festival such as Athens and Epidaurous Festival (Greece), Operadagen festival (Netherlands), Acco Festival (Israel), MIVSC festival (Brazil), Puff festival (Croatia), Antic Teatre (Spain),  Musiktheatertage Festival (Austria), Neukoellner Opera (Germany), BE Festival (UK), Operafestival Folketeatret (Denmark) , National Thetare Athens (Greece), Nostos Festival (Greece) etc.


The Chessboard Runaways

Dream Play/Opera

Kazin Barokk

Visual Art-Performance

The Cave

Theatre Performance


Theatre Play

Re-Volt Athens

Theatre Performance


Shadow Video Theatre

Kafka's Monkey

Theatre Play

Winterreise by Schubert

Opera Performance


Theatre Play


Theatre Play

My Romantic History

Theatre Play

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