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PMStudio video service

Pantelis Makkas is an accom­plished video director and artist with expe­ri­ence in filming and editing con­tem­po­rary music, dance, and pro­mo­tional videos. Makkas has worked with many Greek theatre directors for promotional videos and trailers of their works.

Pantelis Makkas  works as a video director and event doc­u­men­tarist for numerous theatre plays and events. His knowl­edge of music, film, inter­media, and video art make him an asset for any con­cert, art event, or behind-the-scenes shoot. He is perfectly fluent in modern HD and 4K camera tech­nology and spe­cial­izes in run-and-gun, fly-on-the-wall shooting as well as multi-camera con­cert doc­u­men­ta­tion. He col­lab­o­rates with expe­ri­enced assis­tant camera oper­a­tors who have sim­ilar aes­thetic inter­ests. His work­flow is effi­cient, reli­able, and fast and includes audio ser­vices which are per­fectly syn­chro­nized and mixed in post-production. From con­cert doc­u­ments, web-based pro­mo­tional videos,  television trailers, Makkas pushes stan­dard event doc­u­men­ta­tion to a new level of musical aware­ness and video expertise.

Makkas’s training as a con­tem­po­rary visual and video artist (with degrees ,B.A, M.A, Artistic Research ) help him to quickly ana­lyze and under­stand the aes­thetic foun­da­tions of a piece of tem­poral art. As a result, Makkas care­fully cal­i­brates his shooting style, equip­ment, and editing tech­niques to match the vision of the cre­ators and performers.

Dig­ital video is a moving target. At the moment every­thing, from lenses, sen­sors, soft­ware, and dis­tri­b­u­tion is in a state of flux. Makkas takes advan­tage of several exciting fea­tures of today’s dig­ital video cap­ture methods: DSLR sen­sors and photo lenses. Cur­rently, Makkas uses Pana­sonic and Blackmagic  cam­eras to cap­ture 4K and HD. These cam­eras enable up to 3.5 hours of con­tin­uous cap­ture for events that last longer than other DSLRs will accom­mo­date. The final product is per­fectly suited for Vimeo, YouTube, and other online dis­tri­b­u­tion methods. Depending on the shoot, Makkas also has sig­nif­i­cant expe­ri­ence working with Sony EX-1, EX-3, and Z1U, Canon Cinema Series, BlackmagicCinema and GoPro cam­eras which can be rented for shoots which require them.

On the soft­ware level, Makkas is fluent in the entire Apple and Adobe suites of pro­fes­sional video editing soft­ware from Final Cut Pro, Com­pressor, and DVD Studio Pro as well as Pre­miere Pro and After Effects. As an expe­ri­enced video artist, Makkas also has a keen aware­ness of new editing software and interactive editing techniques.

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