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Man about Crowd, 2007

 Video Installation, Six Screens, 30min, color


Man about Crowd was commissioned by SMBA (Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam) in 2006. It is a video installation comprised of six different scenes, shown simultaneously. These are images from a camera hidden in my hat while I am wandering the streets. Each scene and screen has its own ‘story’, varying from voyeuristic images of passengers in the underground to repeated visits to a cemetery. “The solitary urban stroller, as a detective, tracking down the transgressions committed in the metropolis and imposing a form of social control over that lawless formation known as the crowd”, a spy of reality manipulating it purely through my presence.


man about crowd STILL1-1.jpg
man about crowd STILL1.jpg
man about poster copy.jpg
man about crowd STILL1.jpg

Photos and Video by PMStudio

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