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Cellular Images, Roamings, 2004-2018

Photographic prints


 "Cellular Images are the images, which are captured without the intervention of mind and consciousness. Cellular Images are the images that the body needs to remember." ​ Roamings (2004-2018) is a series of images, a series of photographs documenting journeys. I use a big format camera with an open diaphragm, carrying it around on trains, in cars, even on the bicycle, and thus capturing entire journeys. Each journey of the work Roamings combines one photographic image and the sound recordings of the entire journey. The capturing of the image could last from one minute to five hours.

brussels-paris.jpg 2.jpg
a ride with Kiriakos 31min.jpg 2.jpg
Paris-Brusless,90min.jpg 2.jpg
Amsterdam-Utrecht 35min.jpg 2.jpg
going down the mountain 2.jpg
tounta doc.jpg
Home-Central station 22min.jpg 2.jpg

Photos and Video by PMStudio

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