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The End of Oblivion, 2012



The Museum Alex Mylona-Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art presents a performance by Pantelis Makkas, The End Of Oblivion, on Monday, November 7 2011, at 21:00 with the participation of the actors Theodora Jimou and Nestoras Kopsidas, in costumes by Digitaria. The performance will be held in the spaces of the Pantelis Makkas - Constructing Memory Through The Moving Image exhibition, which is curated by Denys Zacharopoulos and is part of the parallel program of the 3rd Athens Biennale 2011 MONODROME (22 October -- 12 December 2011), at the Museum Alex Mylona. The performance deals with the issue of defining and investigating cellular memory and is organized in the context of the exhibition, which is the first show of artistic research in Greece. According to Pantelis Makkas: Throughout history, a number of people in the scientific community seemed reluctant to accept or even to identify new ideas simply because they were unable to match the boundaries of limited understanding about the natural world. In the field of transplantation, an uncharted and controversial territory has begun to arise as a result of a concept known as cellular memory. What is cellular memory, particularly in relation to the technology of transplantation? And is cellular memory, in fact, a valid concept that deserves further investigation?

Consept, Video, Performance : Pantelis Makkas, Performance : Theodora Tzimou, Live Voice Over : Nestoras Kopsidas  costumes by Digitaria

Museum Alex Mylona


Photos by Eternal Optimist Video by PMStudio

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