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The Pseudological Diary, 2013

Performance, Exhibition


The Pseudological Diary is a video-theatre performance that took place on May 2013 in Athens on a theater stage and later concluded at the Benaki Museum in Athens. The performance focuses on human existence, dementia and traumatic experiences. It uses science and pseudoscience aiming to question the common sense perspective and to underline the idea that truth is a subjective notion. This performance encapsulates all research tools developed. The Pseudological Diary is a one-hour performance comprised of modules: introduction, two videos, a live theater performance, a research questionnaire and a motion imprint on paper. It starts with a professional actor, presenting the introduction of the performance to the audience, as if he is the artist. I used an actor for the role of the researcher to emphasize how we perceive science and pseudoscience, how we perceive the truth.. I instructed him to play the role with uncertainty and possibly confusion, as I approach cellular memory from the perspective of hypothesis. Five performers/actors, Makis Papadimitriou, Evelina Arapidi, Nestor Kopsidas, Isabella Kiriazi and Roxani Zogana. Original music is authored by Hior Chronik and choreogrraphy by Anastasia Brouzioti. The text used in the performance is an excerpt from the book “Oblivion/ Λήθη” by Dimitris Dimitriadis The performance was completed with the exhibition of Pantelis Makkas “Left Over, The Pseudological Diary” at Benaki Museum in Pireos street, where the result of the performance in a 6x7 meter aquarelle will be presented.

pseudo video stills.jpg

Photos by PMStudio

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