The smell of Happiness, 2016

The Smell of Happiness by Pantelis Makkas as part of the Happiness Unlimited performance at the Benaki Museum. While the performer explains what makes Greeks happy, he sprays himself with the smells of Greek happiness. Lemon, Oregano, Tzatziki, Orange blossoms, Lilac, Sea water, etc. At the end of the speech the performer moves closer to the crowd, where all the smells of happiness brings rather an unhappy feeling to everyone and to himself. Who can handle so much happiness? All smells are curated by the Greek\Dutch perfumer and neuroscientist Spyros Drosopoulos. Duration of the performance is almost 10 minutes. The performer will change clothes 30 minutes after the end of the performance.

Out Topias, Benaki Museum


Photos and Video by PMStudio